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The Best gold IRA CompanyWelcome to our exclusive review where you will discover helpful resources and also ideas on selecting the Best Gold IRA Company. Below are actually some of the best Gold companies that our team’ve reviewed and highly recommend to you.


Do you get stressed whenever you hear news about inflation and the economy in general? Do you feel a knot in your stomach whenever currencies and stocks dip down low? Well, that’s just normal. The economy’s unpredictability has gotten worse and the aftermath of the recent recession is still fresh in the minds of many people. Many of us feel apprehensive about the future. You may feel like questioning if you can still afford to live the life that you want in case a crisis strikes. You may also start to feel very nervous about your investments.

The good news is that there is something you can do. You can invest in gold!

Gold InvestingPrecious metals such as gold are investments that are less susceptible to market shocks. In fact, during periods of inflation, gold is able to increase in value even when all other investments shrink to nothing. This is why having a gold IRA is one of the best investment decisions you will make so far.

While investing in gold may sound fancy and old worldly, it totally makes sense. Gold is finite, irreproducible, and has an intrinsic value. It is the ideal investment to have if you want to shield your portfolio from bad economic weather.

It is sad that many people lost everything because they fail to diversify. As the old saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This means that it is not very wise to concentrate only in paper investments.




The best time to invest in gold is now. Precious metals work as long term investments and the earlier you start, the more you will gain. Rolling over your 401k to a gold backed IRA is actually pretty simple. There are plenty of companies that you could choose to be your gold IRA custodian.


You can take a look at our gold IRA company reviews to help you find the firm that is most suitable for your needs. It is recommended that you take time finding out which is the best gold IRA firm because not all of them are the same. Some companies are only after their own interests, while there are those who truly are dedicated in helping you protect your net worth by allowing you to diversify your portfolio.

We took the time to figure out which gold IRA company is the best.

However, we want you to be able to get to know each company up close and personal and see why we don’t recommend them. We determined how each firm performed based on their clients’ feedbacks, as well as what the top industry watchdogs have to say about them based on their ratings. Statistics from Business Consumer Alliance, Better Business Bureau, and TrustLink are something we included in our reviews so you can see for yourself each company’s performance based on their clients’ perspective.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Gold IRA Custodian

Fee structure

feeThere are companies that charge their clients at once, even for storage fees for the first year. The good news is that there are companies that waive these fees. Always ask about the gold IRA company’s fee structure. Clients start to have a problem when they realize that their company’s fees are scalable and not flat fee as promised. If this happens, you may need to pay more as your account grows.

Variety of products

gold2Know that not all forms of precious metals are suitable for gold IRA investing. Collectible coins such as numismatic coins are only suitable for collectors. They are not meant for profit. Choose a company that has a wide selection of bullions and coins that are gold IRA compatible. Also, be wary of pushy sales people who force you to pick certain types of metals or certain types of coins. These people are usually only after high profits.

Liquidation and Buy Back Program

happy-coupleOf course, it will always be easy to buy gold and precious metals from a gold IRA company. But what about when you reach the point when you are ready to liquidate your metals? Will the process still be easy? Choose a firm that has an impressive buy back program. A company that buys back at spot price and has an easy liquidation process is what you are looking for.

Storage and Delivery

secure-your-gold-iraSince the money you’d be investing in precious metals is hard earned money, you need to make sure that the company takes the extra mile in protecting your metal assets. Choose one that has a secure storage facility and one that ships fast.

Red Flags to Watch Out For!

Among the things that we included in the gold IRA company reviews are complaints filed by clients. Here are the top complaints customers have for gold IRA firms.

  1. Deceptive sales tactics
  2. Pushy sales people
  3. Failure to deliver at expected date
  4. Poorly packaged items
  5. Inconsistency in terms of commissions
  6. Hidden fees and charges

The Gold Company That
We Highly Recommend is Regal Assets


A company that definitely stands out among its competition is Regal Assets. If there is a gold IRA firm that is really dedicated to serving its clients and works hard to ensure that their clients’ accounts flourish, it is Regal. This is the leading gold IRA firm and the way they serve their customers is impressive and has been getting raves online.

What Sets Regal Assets Apart from the Competition

Attractive fee structure

Regal Assets charges a flat rate as compared to other’s scalable fees.

24 hour account set up

Setting up a gold IRA only takes 24 hours and is free of charge.

Super fast delivery

Most companies need 30 to 90 days to deliver the goods. With Regal, it only takes 7 days.

Knowledgeable sales people

With Regal, you can be sure that you only get good advice with regards to your investments.

No Fees for the first year

With Regal Assets, the fees for the first year are waived. This is over $500 worth of savings.

Regal Assets has garnered impressive ratings (A+) from Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance, and TrustLink. It is a company truly worth your trust. Start investing in gold today!

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How and Where You Can
Invest In Gold IRA?

Regal Assets, a leader in gold IRA investments has a Free Gold Investing Kit that will open you to the best kept secrets about the world of precious metals. It is advised that you do not invest in precious metals unless you read the contents of this kit. It is contains some of the most useful resources for investing in gold.



Convert your retirement plan to a gold backed IRA with with ease.

coupleRegal Assets will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you can start investing in precious metals as soon as possible. The Regal Assets process is:

  • Hassle free
  • Involves simple online forms
  • Involves no pushy sales tactics
  • Very convenient

Have the bountiful life that you deserve with Regal Assets. With this company, you can retire and be relaxed in the fact that you can be able to afford the good life that you want, always.

The Beauty of Investing in Gold

Experts believe that gold will continue to have great values as time goes by, particularly if the economy continues to face bad weather. Stock market failure,  inflation, dip in currency values, and foreclosures are some of the things that cause the value of gold to escalate.


The Relationship of Gold and Inflation

Inflation is one of the many economic phenomena that you cannot control. Whenever inflation happens, you will need more money to be able to live the same quality of life that you are living now. Among the investments that could shield you from the effects of inflation is gold.


Inflation works by decreasing the spending power of a currency due to surplus of supply. When this happens, your $100,000 may considerably be worth less than it used to. This rapid rise in the supply of dollars and its resulting decrease in value have caused many companies to shut down and many individuals unable to sustain the kind of life that they are used to. The worse news is that inflation not only affects currencies but also affects all paper based investments such as mutual bonds, stocks, and bonds. If your portfolio only includes paper assets and inflation strikes, your net worth can be reduced to nothing overnight. A portfolio that is backed with precious metals is more resistant to inflation.

Gold has a negative relationship with paper investments so it makes a really good long term investment.


Gold is the Safest Investment Then and Now

  • There is an increasing demand for gold.

It is a status symbol, makes good jewelry, and has great uses in many industries such as telecommunications, computers, and GPS devices. Gold is non-reactive, has high luster, and can be transformed in different forms such as sheets, rods, and wires, making it one of the most versatile metals in the world.

  • Gold is backed up by its intrinsic value.
  • It is a tangible asset.
  • Gold cannot be produced.

Indeed it is true, many countries are starting to show interest in owning more gold. Why? Because gold is a safe investment and can be relied on always.


Who are Investing in Gold Right Now?

David Einhorn Saying about Gold
Seth Klarman invest in gold
Jim Rogers Gold will be the great investment over the next decade

The Company That We Recommend for Gold Investing is Regal Assets


Regal Assets is the most trusted firm that offers gold IRA services. They have all the knowledge and expertise that you need to ensure that your hard earned money will maximize its potential. The company’s customer support is one of the best, which is why many investors only trust Regal. Unlike companies that rely on shady advertising campaigns and deceptive sales practices, with Regal Assets you’d get honest to goodness kind of service.

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